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Fallen Marines Remebered Through Redesigned Site

In April of 1975 during the last days of the Vietnam War, Embassy Marines were ordered to evacuate the Embassy before enemy forces overtook the Saigon. During this evacuation, two Marines, Corporal Charles McMahon, Jr. and Lance Corporal Darwin L. Judge, became the last American representatives to die in the Vietnam War. The Fall of Saigon Marines Association built the site to honor them and to tell their own stories during those last days in Vietnam. After several years the site had become a valuable resource for students, news outlets such as CNN and the History Channel, and historians because of all the valuable information it contains. Unfortunately at the over time, the site had become cluttered and unmaintainable and needed someone to step in and maintain it. The sites second purpose was to provide information and collect funds for the 2 scholarships handed out each year to deserving students in honor of Charles McMahon, Jr. and Lance Corporal Darwin L. Judge sacrifices.

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