Web Development and Design

What goes into our Web Development and Design projects?

All of our new sites have a few things in common. They are all built in Responsive Deisign. Meaning your site will not only be mobile friendly, but device friendly. Your site will be viewable by any device, whether it's a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

We build with SEO in mind. Good SEO starts with good programming practices and should be built into your site from the start - not later. We take into consideration the way your informtion is organized on your site. This is known as information archectecture. It matters - so we take it seriously and make it easier for humans and non-humans to navigate through your site. We won't over do it either. For example, many people make the mistake of over doing it with keywords and design thinking it will help. Nope, it doesn't work that way. Search engines like Google will see it as a "sinister" way of unjustly gaining page rank and will punish your site or worse remove it completely from its searches.

Does your site need custom programming? Not a problem. We use the latest technologies to build the tools you'll need to make your online business a succes.

We offer three packages, Base, CMS (content management system) and E-commerce. We'll find have a solution to fit your budget and needs.

More About Our Packages

Base Package. This is our most affordable package. If you aren't planning on making a lot of changes to your site or selling any products directly from your site than this might be the best option for your business and most affordable. We'll provide you with the updates when you need them. Updates are usually completed within 24 - 48 hours from the time of request.

CMS (Content Management System). If you are planning on making updates to your content more then once or twice a week or if you want a blog on your site but aren't planning on selling many products on your site, this might be the best option for you. We will build your site around an easy to use cms, like Wordpress that will allow you to update the content when you are ready.

E-commerce Solution.

Planning on selling many products. This is your best option. We build our sites around Magento, the leading e-commerce platform on the web. More than 26% of the online stores use Magento, an Ebay company. Magento comes with a built-in CMS and can be intergrated with the most populor blog system on the web, Wordpress. You'll have more tools than you'll actually need.
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